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Water, Energy and the Environment

Location: Headquarters, Lusaka

The mandate of the programme is to conduct research and development studies on issues of water, energy and environment in the country to ensure their sustainable use.
The programme is executing three projects within this mandate:

  1. Promotion of Biogas technology as an alternative energy source for cooking, heating and lighting in rural parts of the country
  2. The overall objective of the project is to promote biogas technology with the sole purpose of providing clean alternative energy in Zambia.
    Work activities are concentrated on resuscitating floating dome digesters earlier constructed in rural and peri- urban schools and the construction of new fixed dome digesters.

  3. Production of fuel grade ethanol from locally available raw materials
  4. The overall objective of this project is to produce fuel grade ethanol from locally available feedstock to be used as stand alone fuel or blend in with gasoline.
    The process involves fermentation of locally available feed stocks into wine, distill wine to ethanol of 160-190 proof alcohol and to determine optimal operating conditions for the ethanol still. Further, the project intends to assess the process of dehydration using zeolites/molecular sieves technology with a target of achieving 200 proof alcohol.
    Activities to determine engine requirements and optimal levels of ethanol to petrol blends will be carried out.
    There is close collaboration in these activities with the Post Harvest Food Processing and Nutrition Programme.

  5. Water quality assessment in Kanyama and Chazanga high density areas of Lusaka
  6. The overall project objective is to assess the quality of water from both the shallow wells and boreholes used for drinking purposes by communities in two of Lusaka’s high density areas of Kanyama and Chazanga.
    The assessment will focus on determination of bacterial contamination, presence of nitrates and sulphates and presence of heavy metals in water from shallow wells and boreholes. Sampling will be done during and after the rainy season.
    Data and Information obtained about the water quality will show the potential health risks to which the communities are exposed to in Kanyama and Chazanga areas. (Concluded and report is now available)

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