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1.The Livestock Productivity and Disease Control Laboratory

  1. The laboratory can identify elucidation and make suggestion of solutions to problems that adversely affect livestock health and reproduction especially in the traditional/peasant sector.
  2. The Laboratory can provide consultancy on broad areas of reproductive patterns of local breeds of cattle, management practices, nutrition and pasture, distribution and seasonal activity of ticks, and ecology, biology and population dynamics of tsetse.
  3. The Laboratory through its extension services can help improve livestock productivity through integrated appropriate technologies and provide quality and effective research and development services to the livestock sector for improved agricultural production and food security.

2. Mycotoxicology Programme Research

  1. Has a mycotoxin testing capability offers analytical services to the Zambian industry in qualitative analysis of aflatoxin in food products as well as analysis of ochratoxin in coffee. The lab uses standard fluorometric analytical methods to quantify with ease levels of toxins in foods/feeds to meet current technological trends in mycotoxin detection. It has recently adapted HPLC method to quantify with ease the different aflatoxin
  2. The laboratory is able to detect presence of such toxins in foods/feeds under research as well as service to industry. Due to their harmfulness many countries have put regulations on mycotoxins in foods. This may entail failure by Zambia to export certain products if not tested, or if such tests indicate toxin concentration levels above set permissible limits. may get affected and subsequently an economy.

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