Digital Transformation and Strategic Information Center.

The programme focuses on strengthening its information management and dissemination systems and developing the institutional ICT infrastructure. The programme acquiring relevant scientific and technological information to support research activities and repackaging information generated through these activities for dissemination.

  • To develop and maintain an effective and efficient electronic communication and information system (CIS)
  • To enhance information delivery, sharing and decision making
  • To establish an essential knowledge management system

The program also consists of the youth mentorship and innovation,
indigenous knowledge database and industry cluster

Objective: Assist graduates develop innovations through mentorship Develop emerging leaders among graduates. Assist high performing employees develop their abilities.

Objective: To develop an Indigenous knowledge System (IKS) of Indigenous plants and their end product benefits, for the determination of optimal process based on use of Indigenous plants, economic justification, with available technical support, and unique area of needs

Objective: To develop an industrial cluster database as a descriptive tool for regional economic relationships providing a richer, more meaningful representation of local industry drivers and regional dynamics and to create collaborations between NISIR and companies in various activities, research and analytical services.

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