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Electrical and Electronics: The Electrical and Electronics section is a vital component of our department, specializing in the installation, maintenance, and repair of laboratory equipment. Our skilled technicians are responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of electrical systems, power conditioning, and power consumption auditing within the institution. They possess extensive knowledge of electrical circuits, wiring, and troubleshooting techniques. Additionally, they conduct regular equipment maintenance to prevent downtime and ensure optimal performance.

Mechanical Workshop: The Mechanical Workshop section plays a crucial role in supporting various research activities by providing metal fabrication and maintenance services. Our skilled technicians possess expertise in working with metals, utilizing cutting-edge machinery and tools to shape and assemble components for scientific experiments. They are proficient in welding, machining, and fabrication techniques, ensuring high precision and quality in their work. Additionally, they provide maintenance and repair services for mechanical equipment to ensure their longevity and reliability.

Glass-blowing: The Glass-blowing section is dedicated to the delicate art of working with laboratory glassware. Highly skilled artisans in this section specialize in the repair of broken glassware and the fabrication of various types of scientific laboratory glassware. They possess a deep understanding of glass properties, heating techniques, and shaping processes. Their craftsmanship ensures the production of high-quality glassware, tailored to meet the specific needs of researchers and scientists within our department.

Ceramic Pilot Plant: The Ceramic Pilot Plant section focuses on the utilization of soil materials to mold a wide range of ceramic products. Skilled technicians in this section employ their expertise in ceramic materials, processing techniques, and kiln operation to produce superior quality ceramic items. They collaborate closely with researchers and scientists to develop customized ceramic products for experimental purposes. The section emphasizes innovation and sustainability by exploring environmentally friendly approaches in ceramic production.

Core Briquette Plant: The Core Briquette Plant section plays a crucial role in the department’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions. It specializes in utilizing different biomass materials to produce energy-efficient briquettes. Our team of experts employs advanced techniques and equipment to convert biomass into clean-burning briquettes, reducing reliance on traditional fuels. Furthermore, the section collaborates with non-governmental organizations to train women from various communities in producing energy-efficient stoves, promoting skills development and empowering local individuals.

Overall, our department combines diverse technical expertise across Electrical and Electronics, Mechanical Workshop, Glass-blowing, Ceramic Pilot Plant, and Core Briquette Plant sections. Through collaborative efforts, we strive to support cutting-edge research, ensure efficient equipment operation, provide high-quality laboratory resources, and contribute to sustainable energy practices.


our center


The aim of the Centre is to demonstrate the peaceful applications of nuclear energy in nuclear analytical techniques and radiation technology in research and development for sustainable socioeconomic development.

The Nuclear analytical laboratory was established in 1988. Under the Nuclear Techniques, the laboratory houses two Gamma spectrometers, Radon monitoring equipment and one Alpha spectrometer. It is the center of excellence in these analytical techniques. The radiation processing is done using multipurpose Gamma Irradiation facilities currently with the use of Cobalt 60 radioisotopes and Cesium 137 first of its kind in Zambia.


The Center houses two analytical laboratory: Atomic Absorption Spectrometers and one ultra violet spectrometer.

The Centre focuses on providing technical assistance to research projects and also offer technical services to the public with the analysis of heavy metals and non metals.we also offer consultation in; nuclear application and safety; SOP and Validation e.g recently a project on Hand sanitizer formulations.



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